INFECTED BRAIN are located in Borne, a small town near Magdeburg, Germany.
INFECTED BRAIN play Death Metal ranging from slow groovy riffs to high speed blast beat orgies, our musical style is influenced mainly by American bands. The blast and up-tempo parts make up most of the music, and we always try to keep it interesting and most important: mosh-able.

current line-up::

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Torsten Wolf Enrico Hannes Carsten
Torsten Wolfram Enrico Hannes Carsten

The Long Story

1993: Founding of the band BRAIN DEAD. Band members are Torsten (vocals), Enrico (bass), David (guitar), Andreas (drums). Five years and two demo tapes later, David quits the band and no successor can be found. Subsequently BRAIN DEAD dissolves.

1999: Re-founding of the band under the name INFECTED BRAIN. Torsten (vocals) and Andreas (drums) are on board once more, Enrico takes over the guitar, the new bass player is Erik, a cousin of Andreas.

2000: Release of the album "Hate One". The sound quality isn`t quite as good as expected, but reactions are positive, and all the 300 copies that were made are sold. Hannes, whose band TOMB is dissolving at the time, becomes second guitarist shortly after the release of the album.

2003: A 5 track promo CD is recorded.

2004: Drummer Andreas Dietze and bass player Erik Dietze leave the band in short succession. Luckily Carsten Fenske from INMOST DENSE takes over the drums immedeately. On the other hand no new bass player can be found.

2006: Release of the album "Infected Brain". Production and mix are done by Wolf (guitarist of INMOST DENSE), who has recorded (among others) two albums of the Black Metal band HIDDEN IN THE FOG, two albums of the Deutschrock band BROT & SPIELE and the three releases of his own band INMOST DENSE. The reactions from listeners and critics range from positive to enthusiastic, almost all of the 300 copies are sold within a year. Among the buyers are various labels, e.g. Cudgel (GER), Unmatched Brutality (USA) and Amputated Vein Records (Japan).

2007: Recording of the album "II". After the good cooperation during the previous recording, once again Wolf is hired as producer and mixing engineer. At this opportunity Wolf is offered the vacant slot of the bass player. He agrees after short consideration and completes the line-up of INFECTED BRAIN.

We have played live shows together with: Manos, Vulgar Degenerate, Gorezone, Requiem, Gomorrha, Fleshless, Purulent, Recapture, Sanitys Dawn, Harmony Dies, Fearer, Cunt Grinder, Uppercut, Defloration, Insision, Bombthreat, Lycantroph, Hypothermie, Inmost Dense, Himmelfahtskommando (HFK), Trailz O.D. and others. We`ve also played at a lot of festivals, this year for example the "Torgau in Flammen Open Air" (main acts: Disbelief and Endstille) or the "Gahlen Mosht" open air with main act Behemoth.