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deconstructive surgery Album: "Deconstructive Surgery"
Releasedate: 11.05.2011
Layout: 4-colored 6 ssided Booklet, Inlaycard
Preis: 12,- Euro + P&V

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Blood-Soaked Retribution EP: "Blood-Soaked Retrobution"
Releasedatum: 31.07.2009
Layout: 4-colored 2 sided Booklet, Inlaycard
Preis: for free

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II Album: "II"
Releasedate: 01.08.2008
Layout: 4-colored 8 sided Booklet, Jewelcase
Price: 12,- Euro + shipping costs

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Infected Brain Album: "Infected Brain"
Releasedate: 01.02.2006
Layout: 4-colored 8 sided Booklet, Jewelcase
Price: 10,- Euro + shipping costs

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Hate one Album: "Hate One"
Releasedate: 01.04.2000
Layout: 4/1 colored 4 sided Booklet, Jewelcase
Price: 5,- Euro + shipping costs

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T-Shirt: "II" (XL,L,M,S)
Frontprint: multicolored, Album Cover "II", Top Quality
Backprint: 2 colored, Heads
Qualität: 180g/m²
Price: 12,- Euro + shipping costs
Shirts finally again available in all Sizes !

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How to order

CDs and shirts can be ordered by clicking the BUY NOW - Button, by mail, e-mail or phone. Please check the  Contact section for details. When ordering shirts, don’t forget to include the size/sizes you need!

Shipping costs:

Germany:    CD = 2,- Euro / Shirt = 2,50 Euro
Europe:       CD / Shirt / CD + Shirt = 4,50 Euro
Worldwide:  CD / Shirt / CD + Shirt = 8,- Euro
Link: Countrygroup Europe


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