Blood-Soaked Retrobution Download Page

On this web page you can download the “Blood-Soaked Retrobution” EP including the artwork for free.
We provide the EP as a zip-file. Everybody should be familiar with the format.
The zip-file also contains the artwork, which means front cover, back cover and inlay card, plus an info sheet about the respective songs.

Saving: Please click the link directly! Not  “save target as”!

You can thank us

If you’d like to support us and feel the EP might be worth a little contribution, please do so. But this is strictly optional, no must!

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Infected Brains "Blood-Soaked Retrobution" ep

MP3 (Quality 192 kb/s) + artwork + info as *.zip-file:  DOWNLOAD (36MB)

Downloads from the Album "II" (2008)

Krank (128 kBit/s; 4,85 MB)

Seeds Of Hate (128 kBit/s; 3,79 MB)

The album “II” can still be ordered here! Have a look at the package prices, it’ll be worth your while! Secure payment via PayPal available! Further information in the shop!